Finding my voice as a Manifestor in Human Design

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January 10, 2024

I’m a Manifestor, which means I have a defined throat connected to a motor centre. In 2023, I set out to run an experiment within the Human Design experiment: use my voice more. I’ve always been more introverted, and comfortable writing. I don’t think well on the spot, and I’m self-conscious being looked at. Podcasts are way out of my comfort zone, which probably you can tell if you listen to mine.

Manifestors have the ability to move its energy into action. That makes us the Initiators in this system that blends Astrology, the i-Ching, and other ancient mystical ideas and repackages them in an energetic roadmap.

Human Design is a tool which you can apply narrowly or widely. It can apply to all aspects of life from how you eat to where you live. But at the end of the day, it’s just a mirror for you to see yourself and how you are unique even when you share aspects with others.

happy woman smiling while recording voice with microphone

I often feel out of place among Manifestors, but the whole 24h of my birthday had no transit that could not make me one if I had the wrong birth time. So I had to reconcile with it: either the whole system is out, or that’s what it says about me.

Being an initiator

Manifestors are the only type with a direct connection to the archetypal energy some call the Divine. While on the surface we are the only type that does not depend on others, we respond to something too. Specifically, our creative urges.

Creative urges are an impetus that can look illogical to others, but feels like a matter of life and death. We cannot not make it happen no matter the cost. I have Gate 42 defined by my Conscious Mars, so I don’t have a problem with continuing things. As long as I care about them, that is. In Astrology, it’s in Aries in the V house, the house of pleasure. Other Manifestors seem to let go of things as soon as they initiate them, and have no interest in bringing them to a close.

Taking up space

As the initiators, one of the characteristics of a Manifestor is that we have big, often intimidating, energy. Most of us have been conditioned to make ourselves smaller from a young age. I don’t think this boldness has to be extroverted and blunt to qualify, but that’s a point of contention with others in the Human Design space.

However, as a business owner and as someone who was married to a probable narcissist, part of my healing journey has been to open up more about the things that I do. Not only do I write this blog, host Starry Sky and Witchy Things, and write Witchy Musings. I also invest in PR and have appeared both in the press and on podcasts, most recently on the Unforget Yourself Show.

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Intentional personal branding

Part of the experiment has been to lean more into the meaning-making systems I love to inform how I show up in the world. Rather than using them as prescriptions, which led me to overthinking, I evaluated them against what comes natural to me.
In Human Design specifically, I have two channels that connect to the throat: 1-8 and 16-18. In Astrology, the planets they involve are Pluto (my chart ruler), Jupiter, and the Sun. Only 3 because Jupiter is on both the Conscious and Unconscious side).

The unconscious side of the chart in Human Design represents tendencies we don’t always know we have, and for me that’s 16-48 which is about talent and mastery of it. It’s part of the collective understanding circuitry and Projected, so it requires the recognition of others. It’s consistent with my having issues sharing about my work and why I’m on social media for personal use and not to sell by sharing my photos.
The circuitry this channel belongs to “projects its patterns into the future in order to lead. It has a linear process, focused on patterns for the future” (quote from Whole and Unleashed).

Empowering others through empowering ourselves

This channel for me shows the most in how I cannot bear to have a job I don’t like. Plenty of people seem able to have a job just to pay their expenses and then creative hobbies but that’s never been me, and one thing I do shout from the rooftops is that we deserve not to force ourselves to do that. So a big part of what I talk about here and on Threads in particular is information that helps you build a personal brand in order to profit from your creative vocation.

The other channel, which is the one I lean into the most, is the 1-8, which is the Channel of Inspiration. It’s about being the most you you can possibly be, and inspiring others through your example of radical self-acceptance. That’s why you’ll hear me talk about my toxic marriage, my many otaku obsessions, witchy things, and more. I love to share about music and fashion, and curate interesting things that I hope will be interesting to you too.

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This channel is from the individual knowing circuit, and also projected, which is why I tend to use media where people have to opt in and don’t really do a lot that could make me go viral and end on new people’s timelines. Using social media in a personal capacity removes the need for me to increase my following that way. That way, I can focus on being found where people are already looking.

What I’m bringing in 2024

In the upcoming year, I plan to lean even more into both of these channels. I’m bringing lifestyle content back to this blog and Instagram, as that was something I loved doing in a past iteration of self in this lifetime. I did not allow myself to write much about lifestyle before because of SEO, but as blogging is having a resurgence, and I plan to travel, I feel it’s a good time to transition.

On my podcast I will bring a mix of Renaissance magic geekiness and off-the-cuff more personal content, with some guests in the pipeline for later in the year, and more research heavy episodes going behind a paywall. Witchy Musings will remain free and woo.

I had a plan to bring out a second podcast all about the Manifestor experience, but I haven’t made it happen yet and it’s debatable whether I will in the end. On reason I find writing more comfortable is that I get to do it blasting music, while to record I can’t. I still want to share my hot takes about being a Manifestor, so we will see.

The biggest change, however, has been allowing myself to rebrand and bring back my love for music and that industry. You can expect more of that content from me, too, starting with my Uncovering your Personal Brand Archetype quiz.

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The Starry Sky and Witchy Things Podcast

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The School of Life for Star-obsessed Witches.
Esoteric knowledge for the modern woman (but everyone’s welcome). Perfect for anyone who likes the stars, magic, and deep conversations between people who move through life from an energy of getting to be alive

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