January Astrology: Building Efficient Business Processes

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December 27, 2023

Astrology is a popular meaning-making system for things like horoscopes and love compatibility, but it can also inform how we build efficient business processes. Here are the transits for January and how they apply to your business.

Mars in Capricorn

On Jan 4, 2024, at 2:58pm GMT, the planet Mars will join the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. During this transit (which will end on February 13th) it will be aspecting all the planets in Water and Earth signs, bringing a can-do energy to the areas of your chart where you have these longer transits (which you can read more about in past blog posts).

One such planet is Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, which rules over things that require discipline and long-term vision. This is an energy that suits the usually more hot-headed Mars, because Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign and so they share the energy of initiation and ambition with all the signs at the beginning of a season.

For business owners, this month (like Mars in Virgo) is a great time to keep looking at building efficient business processes, including (as the full Moon will be in Leo) our PR and brand awareness strategies.

Especially in the 3rd week of January, with Mercury joining in to form a stellium, it’s a great time to set bold visions, reverse engineer how to make them happen, and start taking action from the next few steps.

Mercury in Capricorn

The planet of communication will station direct at the New Year, and will return to Capricorn by the end of the shadow period on January 14th at 2:50am GMT. Mercury in Capricorn is an energy of direct communication: parsimonious with words, it streamlines our thoughts for clarity of analysis and removes the fluff.

It will remain in Capricorn until February the 5th, so you have a good couple of weeks in the second half of the month to focus on your copywriting. Revamping your website to tighten the copy, creating new sales pages, pitches for your PR strategy, blog posts if you are joining the Renaissance in 2024 (don’t forget Pinterest if you do!) are all great activities to do channeling this energy. Messaging is also an area that would fall under his remit.

If copywriting is not your forte, there are loads of resources from Sara at Between the Line Copy and Ashlyn Carter, who have two of the few newsletters I actually read. And in Sara’s case I actively look forward to for the ✨ d r a m a ✨

Venus in Capricorn

Since we’re talking about astrology to create efficient business systems, Venus may seem like an outlier as she is the goddess ruling over all things Divine Feminine, but in the sign of Capricorn it brings out our talents for creating structure in a way that is pleasant, and our ability to form meaningful connections. Not only that, but her benefic effect is felt in the other Earth signs, too.

This transit, which takes place between January 23rd and February 16th, is a perfect time to look at the more sociable side of our business systems. Do we have the biz besties we need? Would we benefit from expanding our network to find more potential clients?

Of course all of these aspects of our businesses are something we need to work on consistently throughout the year, but the beauty of systems is to make it easier to keep up the work on the business when things get busy with client work.

By focusing on making a plan and putting systems and processes in place to put it into action we are setting ourselves up for success in the longterm instead of reinventing the wheel every month. We can keep an overview of the business’s direction and vision for the year ahead and then plan the smaller chunks of time as we go along.

We can even look at the main transits for the year ahead to plan the overarching themes and focus our efforts. And if you are looking for support setting up your business for success, you can join the waitlist for my programme Startup Alchemy.

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The Starry Sky and Witchy Things Podcast

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The School of Life for Star-obsessed Witches.
Esoteric knowledge for the modern woman (but everyone’s welcome). Perfect for anyone who likes the stars, magic, and deep conversations between people who move through life from an energy of getting to be alive

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