Venus in Libra for you and your business

November 8, 2023

Today, Venus has entered Libra, a sign which she rules. As a business owner, Astrology provides me with a tool to bring structure to the flow, and focus my attention in a way that is exciting as well as aligned with a deeper understanding of myself. There are a few key planets that I track for transits for business purposes, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus (although I occasionally cover the others, as well as cover them in more general terms on my podcast Starry Sky and Witchy Things).

The reason for Venus is partly personal, and partly objective. As someone with a Night Chart, she is my main benefic, and intrinsically linked to my manifestations, especially as one of the planets I have in a II house stellium. But she is also the planet that governs our values, aesthetics, and relationships. 

The Libra transit covers two of my houses in Placidus, and it’s also a transit in a sign where she is in domicile, that is one of the two signs together with Taurus where she is the ruler. That’s a positive energy regardless of the specific of your birth chart, or your business chart (which you can look up if you have a specific time that can be considered when your business was born). 

Get Networking 

One of the key themes of Libra is connections, so it could be a good time to look at your network, rekindle relationships that you want to keep in your life, and let go of those that are a drain on your energy. This may be an opinion that will have me against a wall with swords pointed at me like the Frozen meme, but I believe that we don’t need to have everyone in our network just in case. 

It’s valid, and I dare say more helpful, to curate the relationships we have, and nurture them properly, instead of treating networking like we are building a social media following (and I have opinions about the benefit of a small audience too, but that’s a topic for another time). There’s a sense of lingering scarcity to me when I think about the idea of having loose connections because you never know who may know the right person for you at any one time. 

The Power of Genuine Connections

Having a small and curated network of business contacts that you have genuine connections with based on the know like and trust factor requires us to trust in life working itself out when we will need a specific introduction, which is easier to believe in when you have the impression that you can rely on a lot of acquaintances. In truth, unless you are comfortable with cold calling and people are willing to go along with that, it doesn’t matter how many contacts you have, you will not be able to leverage the connections just because they sort of are there. 

Think of it like you think of money, there is some safety in a diversified portfolio, but start adding too many investments and the capital in each gets smaller and so does the return on investment. The same is true of our relationships, since at the end of the day everything is energy. 

Do you need a rebranding?

Let me set a couple of things straight. It’s easy to focus on the visual branding as a way to feel like we’re busy while procrastinating things that truly move the needle in our businesses, and I’m not encouraging that kind of mindset. 

It’s also the case that if you have done the work to set a strong brand foundation before you touched the visuals, this is only going to apply to you many years down the line, or if you feel strongly that your energy around a product or service can do with an injection of newness. 

But for most people who have not just started (or if you have just started, this could be the first time you look at your brand visuals, in which case I have many free resources to help), this is a good time to focus on this subject. 

How to determine what your brand needs

Did you or your business shift significantly since the last time you designed your website and other brand visuals? When I made the first version of my website, I had decided to let go of music photography and focus on helping women entrepreneurs build successful personal brands that support their sales process. So I designed my brand around what would resonate with this demographic. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2023, and realising what a huge mistake it had been to let go of music photography as I took dozens of images of Miura Ayme from the crowd during one of his London shows. As Venus transited the sign of my Midheaven in retrograde, I worked through the limiting beliefs that had me niche down in a direction that felt limiting (even though supporting women entrepreneurs is still a huge part of what I love to do). 

If you can relate to this story, chances are the style of your visual branding may not fit anymore for you either. You may need a few tweaks, or you might need a whole revamp (which is what I’ve been working on). One way to discern how much needs to shift is to get feedback from people about what things come to mind as they see a specific colour palette and fonts. Are the things they see aligned with what you want your brand to represent? 

This is also a good question to ask yourself, to see if the things you wanted to represent when you last set your brand foundations are still the things you want to be associated with now. Have you niched down any further? Or taken a different direction like I did? If your brand foundations shifted, then the more superficial layers will have to shift with it. 

Small actions build up

Gaining clarity over what your brand stands for is the basis you need to build on, and a helpful exercise even if it turns out your visuals are still relevant. 

You can start small even if the answer you come up with is that you need a branding overhaul. Small changes like fonts, or colours that are less visible on the website, and the kind of images you use in your content. You can start changing what you wear in your appearances too if you go live on IG or video podcasts. 

This way your audience can get used to the shifts rather than being taken by surprise with a whole big reveal that will make you unrecognisable. If you redo your website you can tease it coming. It can be a relatively simple process if you, like me, have a Tonic template (AFFILIATE URL). Or it could be a good time to invest into an upgrade altogether. 

Also not my area of expertise, but you may need to spruce up the copy too, especially if you are shifting who you serve as a business. Sara at Between the Lines Copy has a lot of resources for that if they can help, and I have also found the resources from Ashlyn Carter really valuable over the years. I subscribe to both of their newsletters. 

Take care of yourself

Transits affect themes very specific to you when you know your Rising Sign, and therefore the distribution of the houses. Any planets you have in the sign of a transit in your birth chart are relevant to a transit too. Even if a specific time may not be strongly relevant to your business, anything that goes on with you personally affects you as a business owner (and would in a career, too). We cannot separate our energy from the way we engage with the world. 

So it’s important to be mindful not just of the themes of a transit through a business lens, but also through a personal one. Venus rules the II house and the VII house, which include our finances and material possessions. It is a very sensual planet, highlighting issues of self-love and self-care, from the more materialistic like grabbing a nice bath bomb and taking some time to lather lotion on our skin, to the more practical issues with making time for rest and leisure, and good management of our affairs. 

We are our business’s greatest asset, and while I firmly believe that we are worthy of care regardless of what we do for a living, that puts us under a legal obligation to take care of ourselves the way we handle all the other business affairs. If taking care of yourself just because you are alive is foreign to you at this stage (many of us, especially women, were raised to see anything that is focused on us as selfish and therefore wrong), that’s one way to reframe the situation. 

I hope you have a good month ahead with Venus in Libra (until December 4th). 

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The Starry Sky and Witchy Things Podcast

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The School of Life for Star-obsessed Witches.
Esoteric knowledge for the modern woman (but everyone’s welcome). Perfect for anyone who likes the stars, magic, and deep conversations between people who move through life from an energy of getting to be alive

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